Villa America by Liza Klaussmann

11 June 2016

I think historical fiction is difficult to do well and the lost generation is a popular topic.  

A large part of the first half of the book builds the romance between Sara and Gerald Murphy and I love the authors use of letters between the pair to break up the prose.  However, I did struggle to keep reading at times as I found it a bit slow but when the author brought in the Hemingway's, the Fitzgerald's and others it really brought the book alive and I enjoyed the opulence and grandeur the story helped me imagine.

The author's use of real people and personalities makes the story feel more real and their unique personalities brought together really add an interesting dynamic to the group.

It took a long time for me to understand Owens party in this vibrant story but when I became clear it just added a different dimension to the story.  It was twists and surprises like this that kept me reading.

I did not enjoy the ending so didn't really feel like an ending it just sort of dwindled to the last page and I wanted it to be as vibrant as the high moments in this story.  However, if the author's desire was to leave me wanting more then she definitely achieved that. 

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