Review: A Chilling Absence by Shelly Maynard

6 December 2016


Lily Grimes had it all. She was head cheerleader, the girlfriend of the All-American High School Quarterback, had been accepted to a prestige college near her hometown and the best family and friends a young woman could ask for. Just before Christmas 2004, Dr. Jethro "Jet" Manning, the doctor-in-training for the quaint little town, nearly runs over Lily, who is found unresponsive and icy cold in the middle of a backroad.

Fast forward to 2015 - Lily Grimes finally wakes up and has to face the reality of being in a coma for the past 11 years. Her life has changed but just as she feels like she is getting into the groove of things, Lily discovers secrets have been kept, lies have been told and everyone whom she considered a 'friend', may not be out for her best interest.
Lily feels like something is missing - a piece of herself. Is it simply because she was in a coma for so long or is there literally a piece missing? As she sets out on a mission to find the answer, Lily discovers that she's being stalked and someone is trying to kill her.

Who can she trust and will she ever find the secret to those eleven missing years?


The plot to this sounded very promising and had a lot of potential to be a very good read. 

However, although I found the idea compelling, and I did finish it very quickly, I felt that the writing itself struggled in places. 
There were a few grammatical errors which made it feel a bit messy, and the characters weren’t given much depth. I found that this meant I wasn’t emotionally invested in the characters and their wellbeing, even toward the end where Lily’s life was hanging in the balance, I felt distant. 

In saying this, the mystery surrounding  Lily was very intriguing and the lack of emotion echoed how Lily must have felt waking up having lost 11 years of her life.  Some of the ending was slightly unexpected, as there were a few red-herrings thrown in which I felt was a really good addition, it was this was kept me reading and wanting to know the whole truth about what happened to Lily, although some of the final answers were a little predictable as it had been heavily hinted at in previous chapters. 

If someone was looking for a fairly easy read, with a good basis to a plot without getting too heavily invested in then I would recommend this book as it was quite an interesting read with mystery and suspense elements. 

By Chloe

Disclosure: The Pursuit Of Bookiness received a copy of this book free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own

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