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7 December 2016

So, I may have lost most of today wandering around in this book wonderland! 

Have you ever wondered what book heaven might look like???? I think this is the closest you are going to get!

Stuck for a present for a bookworm (Hint, Hint Family and Friends!) Then this could score you some brownie point for sure.

What is this marvel I hear you cry! Welcome...Joosr

Joosr is a marvelous little app that provides perfect 20 minute summaries of some BIG books! 

So How does Joosr Work?

Joosr takes the world’s best non-fiction books and turns them into beautiful text and audio summaries, giving your loved ones a fresh supply of ideas, advice, and insights from leading thinkers and bestselling authors. 

Enjoyed through the Joosr app and taking just 20 minutes each to read, Joosr summaries keep all the goodness for a rich, enjoyable read across a range of subjects, including happiness, health and fitness, leadership, parenting, and so much more.

Have you ever tried wrapping 500 books?

A Christmas subscription to Joosr will give your loved ones 5 new books direct to their smartphone and tablet every week for a whole year. That’s 250 life-enriching books, plus the 250 already available for just £42.99, without the hassle of trying to wrap 500 books… or fitting them all onto a bookshelf. 
A perfect gift for a student who has to trawl through hundreds of books in a school year or someone who is going for a health and lifestyle revamp!
Or even if you just love a good book!!
Joosr can add credence to the claim that a book can be for life not just for Christmas

Find out more...Check out Joosr here....but be warned you may find you lose a day in the process! 

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