Review: Revelations by T. Marie Alexander

18 February 2017


Have you ever craved something so badly that all reason was just an excuse getting in your way?

Have you needed something so desperately that you didn’t care how you got it or who you hurt in the process?

I have—and not that long ago.


Acceptance… from family and friends…

Acceptance of the person I am inside and not outright rejection.

It didn’t come easily for me, and now I believe the world needs to know just how ruthless life can be. How that overwhelming yearning for acceptance can mold you into someone you don’t recognize when you look in the mirror. I’m through hiding behind one fa├žade after another—it’s time for the world to meet the real me.

~Antoinette Justice



I did not expect this book to be what it was! The Author has excelled at bringing the story of Antoinette to life and what a messed up story it was!

Rarely does a book make me cry but you'd have to have a heart of stone not to shed a tear at this one!

I am sorry to say I expected something much more commercial and was so surprised to discover and original, heart wrenching and poignant story! 

Although many won't be able to relate to Antoinette's story you can't help but root for her to get the happy ending she so deserves and this well paced novel will make you pine for it when you have to get on with daily life!

Well done T. Marie Alexander this book is awesome! 

Nat xx

Disclosure: The Pursuit Of Bookiness received a copy of this book free of charge in return for an honest review.  All opinions are our own

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