The Buddha Journey by Quang Tri

2 February 2017

Title: The Buddha Journey: Questions and Answers for the Awakening Mind
Author: Quang Tri
Genre: Spirituality / Buddhism

The Buddha Journey aspires to answer the most commonly asked questions beginning or advancing students would ask. The Buddha Journey covers your basic “Buddhism 101” introduction, then answers over 100 questions about compassion, anger, forgiveness, meditation, impermanence, sex, karma, death, becoming a Buddhist and more! Quang Trí writes in a simple, easy-to-understand way that allows the reader to understand the content and contemplate the subject matter on their own for their own interpretation.

Author Bio
Quang Trí has been practicing meditation since 2002 and Buddhism since 2006. He is a Dharma teacher and a Truth seeker, teaching others about Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation. As the writer of the popular website,, Quang Trí continuously aspires to help everyone with their path toward Awakening. He is one of the senior members of his temple, Chua Phuoc Hue, as he trains to ordain as a monk.

"I’ve been having trouble controlling my thoughts. I just get overwhelmed with them, and I’ve been trying to calm my mind. Have any tips?
“Calming our mind” does not mean controlling our thoughts. With all the controlling you’re trying to do, has it helped and gotten you anywhere? No, because that’s not how it works. Calming our mind means understanding our mind. We “control” our thoughts by acknowledging them, know they’re there, and letting them go!
Our mind constantly wants attention; that’s why it’s always filled with a million thoughts ALL the time! So when a thought arises during meditation, and we start playing with it because we’re trying to control it and make it go away, it plays back harder, and it’s more difficult for it to actually go away.
Instead, when a thought arises, we basically say hello to it, acknowledge the thought without entertaining it (meaning, adding to it and playing out the scene) and naturally just let it go. It might feel like more thoughts arise by doing this, which will probably happen, but that’s just our mind trying to get our attention. Eventually, with LOTS of practice, our mind will get the point, and less and less thoughts will arise.”

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