Hi, I’m Nat

I along with most of my family take great joy from reading and surrounding ourselves with books!! We have a massive appreciation for those that can take us on magical journeys into the unknown, to far away planets, through spooky forests and generally away from the day to day dulldrums!

With my head constantly in a book I wanted to find a way to share the great and good from best sellers to brand new authors and The Pursuit Of Bookiness was born back in 2016. However, life took over and I couldn’t take on anymore fabulous authors even with a small but dedicated team of readers and so in 2019, the blog was no more…….

Until now!! We missed it…all of us found we had reverted back to our comfort genres and weren’t getting out in the literary world even though we suddenly found ourselves with more time on our hands to read (Thanks COVID!) the general high level of anxiety meant reading became and escape rather than a challenge. So, we are back! We are digging through the archives for now bringing back some of our favourites and we can’t wait to start bringing you even more new authors and our takes of some amazing books that are coming this year and beyond! we hope you’ll join us once more in the pursuit of bookiness.