Review Policy

If you would like to submit a guest post, interview or alternative to a review. Please drop us a message using the contact page here or drop us and email at instead. The below policy is to get your booked reviewed and added to the TBR list

We are thrilled you’d like us to review your book and we would be happy to as long as it fits in with the below policy! The below outlines what we accept and don’t accept not because we don’t love any book but because we want to make sure we do YOUR book justice.

As you can imagine. We get a lot of requests for reviews and we do try our hardest to get back to everyone as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 7 days before giving us a nudge.

We promise to get back to everyone whether we accept your book or not. If not we will tell you why and if we can recommend another blogger to try but if we can we will give you a rough timescale as to when we anticipate being able to publish a review for you.

The only exception is if you haven’t read the below policy….if it’s definitely something we don’t accept then we will not respond.

Books We Generally Do Not Accept

Non-Fiction: With the exception of biographies we do not take requests for non fiction because we do not have the audience to support it and we don’t tend to read a lot of it ourselves.

Self Improvement: We don’t accept any self help books at all. Not because we don’t like them but they are very hard to subjectively review. What might not work for us or be meaningful to us might be really helpful to another. The only time you’ll see self help on our Instagram is as a personal post.

Cooking: For the same reasons we don’t accept Self Improvement books

Books We Do Accept

This isn’t a hard and fast list…if its fiction and it fits roughly in some of the genres below. Drop us an email

  • SciFi
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • historical fiction
  • general fiction
  • romance
  • mystery
  • Thriller
  • Crime
  • Humor/Satire
  • Military
  • Young Adult Genres (any)


We will always prioritise Physical Copies over E-Books because they are much easier for us to promote on Social Media…..A picture of my battered old kindle just doesn’t cut it.

But we will consider ebooks (mobi only please)

When you contact us

When you reach out to us please include a release date (most important as we know when and if we can fit it in around this time for you), when you’d like the review to go live, a summary of the book and any other additional content you’d like us to share (PLEASE attach this to the email…..we may not be able to offer a review but we may be able to help in other ways)

It’s a yes, when we accept your review or receive your book

If your book has already been released we will contact you when your post is due to go live and please ask that you share the review on your social media channels/website.

If it hasn’t been released we aim to post a week or so before the release date where possible or as close to as we can

When the review goes live it will be posted across our social media channels (Facebook/Twitter and Instagram [if physical copy]), Amazon and Goodreads

A point on reviews

Quite honestly, you might not like what we write and you need to be ok with that. Our reviews are ALWAYS and WITHOUT EXCEPTION our honest opinion. If we don’t like it…we will say that but it’s nothing personal. If you aren’t ok with that please don’t submit your book to us.

We also will not post reviews on books that we haven’t read and will only accept Giveaways for book on our TBR list or that we have already read.

If you’ve got here you’ve done well!

Happy with all that? Great….drop us an email at with REVIEW REQUEST in the subject line or fill out the form here